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Nov. 15-2010


 Baja Times Posting came in today!!





By Allan Brown

The state of Baja California, Mexico, is ready to fund, develop and construct a major sports complex in Rosarito Beach as part of a proposed physical rehabilitation and sports center for people with disabilities that has been proposed by the Association Integral de Familia y Amigos (AIFA) de las Personas con Capacidades Differentes de Playas de Rosarito, a Rosarito non-profit group. The state government is enthusiastic in its support for this project and has budgeted the funds and earmarked them for the project. Professor Saul Castro, Director of the High Performance Sports Center in Tijuana, represented the state of Baja California in meetings with AIFA and the municipality of Rosarito Beach. He expressed the state's strong commitment for the project. Most of the more than $2,000,000 would be federal government funding that will be channeled through the state to the project.


The project will produce many very important benefits for the city of Rosarito Beach and its citizens with disabilities. The construction of the proposed sporting and rehabilitation complex would provide many needed jobs for Rosarito Beach - both for the construction phase and also for the operation of the facility over the next decades. It would create a world-class sports training facility for people with disabilities and would prepare disabled persons for athletic competition at the local, state, national and international levels. It would create desperately needed physical rehabilitation facilities for persons with disabilities in Rosarito Beach,  provide job training and employment counseling services for disabled citizens and offer psychological counseling services to persons with disabilities and their families.


 AIFA must provide six hectares (10,000 square meters - approximately 15 acres) of land to house the rehab and sporting complex, which they do not have. If such land cannot be obtained, the state government will not construct the complex and the funding will be lost.


Because the proposed center will serve people with disabilities in the Rosarito Beach area - many of whom do not have private transportation - the land required for the center must be close to the city of Rosarito Beach, serviced by good roads and it must be reasonably level.


AIFA has had extensive conversations with the municipal government of Rosarito Beach about the proposed center and has requested that the city provide six hectares of land from the thirty-seven hectare parcel that the city is holding in the New Rosarito area east of the city. The city government has plans to construct a new city park in this area - El Gran Parque de la Ciudad - and Ejido Mazatlan donated a parcel of land to the city for that purpose. The city requested twenty-seven hectares of land for the new park, and Ejido Mazatlan generously donated a thirty-seven hectare parcel to the city - providing more than enough extra land to house the new rehabilitation and sports training center. Locating the new sports complex and physical rehabilitation center next to the city park would enhance the attractiveness and appeal of both the park and the sporting and rehabilitation facility and reduce total development costs. So far the city has not made the six hectares available to the new facility to be constructed.


A recent survey conducted in Rosarito Beach  identified more than 1,600 residents with disabilities living there. These self-reported numbers are no doubt far too low. Census numbers from the USA in 2000 report that more than 19% of Americans have one or more disabilities, and that nearly 10% if all Americans have a disability that seriously limits their ability to walk, provide self-care or have their speech understood by others. In contrast, numbers from the Mexican census of 2000 show that only 1.9% of Mexicans are considered disabled. There are not ten times as many people with disabilities in the USA compared to Mexico, on a per capita basis: the difference is in the reporting and each society's definition of disability. Apparently Mexican people are counted as disabled only if they have a severe of very serious disability that profoundly impairs their ability to be independent. Whatever the actual number of people with disabilities is in Rosarito Beach, we know this:


1.      There is a large number of persons with severe disabilities in Rosarito Beach.

2.      Currently there are no services for people with disabilities in Rosarito Beach. There is a school that attends to children with disabilities up to age 11, but that school is not able to accommodate kids who use wheelchairs or children with profound disabilities or brain damage. And after age 11, even those limited services end.

3.      The nearest physical rehabilitation center - Centro Rehabilitation Integral Tijuana - is at the far end of Tijuana, nearly a one and one-half hour ride away from downtown Rosarito Beach - EACH WAY.

4.      There are no city vehicles capable of transporting people in wheelchairs, so disabled Rosarito Beach residents requiring therapy must travel to the far end of Tijuana by car or taxi and must be loaded into the vehicle like cargo, with their wheelchair or other mobility device strapped onto the vehicle.


Clearly, there is a desperate need for physical, occupational and speech rehabilitation services in Rosarito Beach - along with services to provide job training and counseling for people with disabilities and counseling services. Just as clearly, those services must be located where they can be accessed easily by poor people who do not have accessible transportation available.


Meeting these needs was the goal of the project proposed by AIFA. Sports training for people with disabilities has long been recognized as an effective way to offer physical and mental rehabilitation, reduce disability-related illnesses, increase independence, enhance quality of life, improve the performance of the basic activities of daily living, improve self-image and develop social communication and social interaction skills. For these reasons the concept of a sports training facility for people with disabilities was combined with the more traditional physical rehabilitation and counseling services in the proposed new center.


The proposed new center includes a gymnasium, basketball courts, weight room, track for walking and running, swimming pool for aqua therapy, spaces and equipment for physical, occupational and speech therapy, job training and counseling areas. Architect Jorge Espinoza of Rosarito Beach donated his services to draw a basic site plan for the new center, and that plan was submitted to the city and state governments.


The state government responded with great interest, and agreed to pay for and develop all of the facilities directly related to sports training for people with disabilities - subject to AIFA providing the required six hectares of land - while the facilities that were directly related to rehabilitation, counseling and job training would be the responsibility of others (AIFA, the city of Rosarito Beach, outside foundations, etc.). In other words, funding from the state of Baja California would cover approximately $2,000,000 of the cost of the entire project. AIFA estimates its cost of the rehabilitation portion of the project to be $600,000, and it has already received conditional commitments from third parties for part of that funding, and has plans to raise funds to cover the remainder of the cost.


All that is needed to get the project going is six hectares of land.


If the city government decides it cannot provide the land from its parcel, AIFA will need to find a private donor in order for this important project to go forward, and time is short. It would be most unfortunate to let this opportunity slip away because of six hectares of land.


People who are interested in helping to provide an improved quality of life for persons with disabilities in  Rosarito Beach can contact AIFA by calling Elizabeth Carbajal at the International Mail Center at 661.612.0155, or via email at aifasoloporamor@yahoo.com or intmail24hrs@yahoo.com.mx  


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Baja business groups launch medical tourism campaigns

Baja business groups launch medical tourism campaigns

MONDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2010 AT 6:23 P.M.

Darrell Gellner of Saskatchewan, Canada, is wheeled into Hospital Angeles in Tijuana by brother-in-law Maurice Kovatch and greeted by hospital administrator Carlos Zavala on Monday. The hospital caters to medical tourists seeking lower cost procedures or treatments that aren’t performed in their home countries.

Darrell Gellner of Saskatchewan, Canada , is wheeled into Hospital Angeles in Tijuana by brother-in-law Maurice Kovatch and greeted by hospital administrator Carlos Zavala on Monday. The hospital caters to medical tourists seeking lower cost procedures or treatments that aren’t performed in their home countries.

For decades, U.S. residents have crossed the border in search of cheap dentistry, alternative health care and pharmacies providing easy access to prescription drugs.

Now, health providers in Tijuana say they have much more to offer in the way of sophisticated medical office procedures and hospital care, and have created business groups aimed at getting that word out to U.S. consumers.

“In the past, the focus was on low cost. But in the last five years, doctors have been offering more complex treatments, hiring more bilingual personnel and doing more professional marketing,” said Flavio Olivieri, executive director of the Tijuana Industrial and Economic Development Corp. and cofounder of the Tijuana Medical Tourism Association.

The biggest draw still is low cost, medical tourism experts said, with fees for services such as dentistry, laser eye surgery, plastic surgery, cancer treatment and bariatric weight-loss procedures generally running 40 percent to 70 percent lower than in the U.S. Dental implants that may cost $2,800 north of the border can be as low as $800 in Mexico, while a $50,000 hip replacement in the U.S. could run $13,000 down south.

Olivieri said the marketing campaign is critical in helping Tijuana recover from a drastic drop in cross-border visitors. Long waits into and out of Mexico have traditionally been a problem, but crossings plunged in 2008 with the recession and a surge in drug-related violence in the Tijuana region, followed in 2009 by travel warnings when the H1N1 flu proved deadly in central Mexico.

“The market shrank overnight,” said Olivieri, a speaker on medical tourism Monday at Tijuana Innovadora, a two-week, $5 million conference aimed at boosting the international profile and economic clout of one of Mexico’s largest metropolitan areas.

Today, the flu is a vague memory and perception of Tijuana as a violent city held hostage by warring drug gangs is beginning to wane. Homicides dropped from a high of 844 killings in 2008 to 664 in 2009 and 638 as of last week, in part because of a coordinated crackdown by military and civilian authorities.

According to the Baja California Secretary of Tourism, about 250,000 people a month visit Tijuana for health products and medical services, most of them Californians.

Roughly 60 percent are Hispanics living in the U.S. The next largest group is people seeking alternative medical treatments, followed by “Anglo middle-income Americans” wanting high-quality yet low-cost care.

It’s the last segment that Mexican government and business groups are targeting, with the hope that more multi-day medical visitors will fuel the local economy.

The Baja tourism office, the Tijuana Convention and Visitors Bureau, and new medical tourism business groups in Tijuana, Mexicali, Rosarito Beach and Ensenada are working on promotional strategies.

“The expectation is that medical tourism is one of the most promising sectors in Baja California,” said Patrick Osio, vice president of the Baja California Medical Tourism Association, a San Diego-based nonprofit that promotes south-of-the-border medical services to Southern Californians. “(Practitioners) just haven’t known how to promote themselves.”

The 119-bed private Hospital Angeles focused on just such medical tourists when it opened in 2004, said business development director Carlos Zavala. The facility offers private rooms, a medical fitness center, an auditorium and gardens.

Seventy-five percent of patients came from the U.S. until more local people learned about the hospital, Zavala said. The numbers of U.S. inpatients has held steady at 100 to 150 per month, he said.

Most foreigners come for weight-loss surgeries — lap band, gastric bypass or gastric sleeve — although they also come for orthopedic, neurological and cardiac procedures.

The hospital is certified by the Mexican General Board of Health, and Zavala said it is seeking to raise its international standing by applying for accreditation from Joint Commission International, a branch of the Joint Commission, the largest hospital accreditation program in the U.S.

The hospital has gotten some foreign patients through medical tourism companies and has now formed its own company to offer travel, accomodations and other services to foreign patients.

Wouter Hoeberechts, chief executive of medical tourism company WorldMed Assist in Concord, said people often feel trepidation about the quality of care in foreign countries. He said he sends many patients to Hospital Angeles and Excel Heart Center in Tijuana.

“Part of our service is that we’ve personally visited each hospital, looked at hospital outcome data and physician outcome data,” Hoeberechts said. “We select the best of the best.”

Olivieri and others agreed that quality concerns need to be addressed, although exactly how is unclear. The Tijuana Medical Tourism Association may start collecting licensing and certification information on practitioners to give tourists, Olivieri said.

Related to quality concerns is that few U.S. insurance companies offer coverage in Mexico. Since insurers do their own quality assessments, coverage provides reassurance to both insured and cash patients.

Blue Shield, Health Net and Aetna all offer plans to California companies whose employees want to cross the border for health care. Health Net and Aetna contract with the Mexican health insurance company SIMNSA for their HMO plan. Coverage generally is restricted to providers in Mexican border cities. Delta Dental Insurance also provides coverage in the border region.

Dr. Juan Pablo Eng said gaining insurance coverage has made a tremendous difference in his DentiCenter practice. Eng opened his first dental office in Tijuana in 1991 to serve cross-border patients exclusively. Born and raised in Mexico, Eng is a University of Southern California-trained periodontist and a U.S. citizen living in Chula Vista.

“The biggest challenge in the beginning years was the lack of trust with insurance companies,” he said. Four years ago, Delta Dental and Aetna began offering plans with DentiCenter. Eng now has offices along the border from Tijuana to Reynosa, near the Gulf of Mexico.

Eng said his formula is to provide affordable, U.S.-style care within a short walking distance from a border crossing. He also offers packages that include transportation, hotel stay and other services.

“You have to have all the components in place to be successful,” he said, “and consistency is a must to keep the confidence of your patients.”


Original source: http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2010/oct/18/baja-business-groups-launch-medical-tourism-campai/ 

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2 Story For Sale in San Antonio Del Mar

La entrada principal
Espacio para ampliar la casa

• 320 sq. m., 4 bath, 3 bdrm 2 story - MLS®$200,000 - Buen precio por metro

 -  CASA EN VENTA: Simplemente imagine sentándose en el sundeck del recamara principal y mira las vistas panorámica del océano. Ahora imaginar que eres sólo 20 minutos de San Diego y 5 minutos de Rosarito.

Dentro de la casa, hay una sala hundida, cómoda y con una chimenea de gas o de Madera. El hogar tiene cocina espaciosa con un comedor informal, mas un comedor formal grande y todos los cuartos con un diluvio de luz natural de las ventanas en todos los lados de la casa.

Hay dos recamaras grandes y dos baños completes en la planta alta con un cuarto de recepcion a la cima de las escaleras. Hay una recamara independiente en la planta baja con el baño completo con su propia entrada privada accesible de afuera. Hay otro baño completo para el uso general en la sala de esta casa de 2,000 pie cuadrado en un lote sobretamaño de 3,300 pies cuadrado. Porque está en la calle de la parte de atrás, hay apenas cualquier tráfico que viene asegurar una atmósfera quieta, pacífica y hay espacio suficiente para apliar la casa en el futuro.

Ofreciendo servicio de seguridad de 24 horas, hay internet de alta velocidad, teléfono y televisión del satélite, esta casa es exclusiva, íntima y notablemente económica. La comunidad tiene áreas verdes públicas y parques para los niños a disfrutar o pasear el perro, albercas, caminos de acceso a la playa de arena blanca con la olas buena y una tienda pequeña a la entrada. Si desea, es simplemente unos 5 minuto a Rosarito para desfrutar la diversion, tiendas de curiosidades, los salones de belleza, restaurantes y las cantinas.

El patio tiene asador construido de ladrillo, hay jardin de palmas, tiene la vista del mar y hay espacio suficiente para los niños y los mascots a correr alrededor.

Esta casa ofrece vistas del océano panoramica y espacio adentro y afuera para ampliar. Venga y disfrute todos que es Baja.

Property information

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Hot Deals!: Monday, August 30, 2010
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Playas De Baja
$175,000 OCEANFRONT Home

175k Oceanfront Home900 square foot home on a 3,500 square foot lot. Home is totally livable as is and is ready to be moved into. Handymans dream with little projects to improve the home between surf sessions.

Property is ready. No pending bills, no liens, all paperwork clean with ability to put buyers funds into an escrow account during transfer of title. 

Take me to this listing!
$65,000 8600 sq. ft. LOT with House
Click to see $65k home on the hillOWNER FINANCING considered! Spread out your money and get this excellent and spacious property!
This home was just tiled and some small fixings. However, could use some TLC. 

This home sits on a large over-sized lot of 8600 sq. ft.!
Perfect for trucks, kids play area or dog run! Come and enjoy Mexico at an "almost FREE" price!
Take Me to this Listing!

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Single Story For Rent/Lease in San Antonio Del Mar

wys jasaitis 001
Oceanfront and ready for relaxation!

• 800 sq. ft., 1 bath, 1 bdrm single story "With stairs down to the unit." - $95 USDDaily - Romantic and New

 -  Modern, brand new construction. Finished in 2009. Beachfront with private stairs to the sand! Beautiful wood floors through out the entire casita. Pounded copper sinks in bathroom. Granite countertops in kitchen.

Beautiful and expansive outside deck with steps to the sand.

Enjoy Indoor/Outdoor living with large deck overlooking the beach. Relax on lounges as you watch the sunset over the Coronado Islands!

San Antonio del Mar is safe and family oriented community with 24 hour security, tennis courts , pools, parks... everything needed for wonderful visit. We are located 12 miles south of the US border and 5 miles from Rosarito Beach. Enjoy a day trip to Ensenada only 50 miles away!

One bedroom casita rental rates:
Two night minimum: $190
Weekly: $ 595
Monthly: $ 825
Refundable damage deposit: $250
Cleaning: $50
Based on 4 person occupancy. $30 extra per night for each additional person

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2 Story For Rent/Lease in San Antonio Del Mar

Oceanfront home

• 3,200 sq. ft., 4 bath, 4 bdrm 2 story "VACATION RENTAL ONLY" - $195 USDDaily - Beautiful and exclusive

 -  This is a luxury, oceanfront three bedroom home with three baths and with private steps to a beautiful sandy beach. There is also a one bedroom with one bath "casita" that is available for larger parties. Please see our listings to learn more about the casita for rent. Welcome to the neighborhood of San Antonio del Mar with it's palm tree lined park, swimming pools, tennis courts and 24 hour gated security.

Both levels of the home have dramatic white water ocean views in front as you watch the activities on the beach and in the water. Daily, you will see a schools of dolphins playing in the waves, surfer dudes in the water catching the waves of the day, the occasional jogger or people walking their pets, as well as other beach activities.

The main home has one bedroom with full bath on the first floor. Downstairs, there is the master bedroom with full bath, jacuzzi tub and a large walk in closet. There is also a second bedroom with beds and an additional full bath.

The home has everything needed to live the life of luxury, you just need to bring a bag of food and your clothes.

Three bedroom main house rental rates:
Two night minimum: $390
Monthly: $ 1950 or $62 per night
Refundable damage deposit: $350
Cleaning: $80
Based on 10 person occupancy. $30 extra per night for each additional person

Property information

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Rent/Lease Reduced on Calle Estero in San Antonio Del Mar

San Antonio Del Mar, Tijuana  -  Announcing a rent/lease reduction on Calle Estero, a 2,500 sq. ft., 3 bath, 3 bdrm single story "MEDICAL RENTAL ONLY". Now $1,500 USDMonthly - Beautiful Oceanview Home.

Property information

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Single Story For Sale in Constitucion

Calle Rosarito
dos casas en un lote

• 600 sq. m., 5 bath, 4 bdrm single story - MLS®$2,362,500 MXN - Tipo de cambio de 13 x 1

 -  CASA EN VENTA: Esta casa se encuentra ubicada, al este del Hotel Quintas del Mar del centro de Rosarito, en la Colonia Crosthwaite. Cerca de esta casa se encuentran centros comerciales, restaurantes, lugares de diversión nocturna y todo tipo de servicios.

El terreno, que mide 600 metros cuadrados, tiene una casa principal de 200 m2 que consiste en una espaciosa sala con techo abierto en vigas, con ventiladores que refrescan en temporada de calor y una rica sensación airosa. Cuenta con tres grandes recámaras y dos baños y medio.

Fuera de la casa principal se encuentra otra de 60 metros cuadrados, la cual está rentada en $300 dlls al mes. Cuenta con dos recámaras y un baño. Así, el ambiente en toda la propiedad es más seguro por la gente que habita en la casa rentada, ya que siempre hay alguien en ella.

El área externa a la casa está totalmente en cementado y adornada con varias plantas en macetas. La casa fue construida por U.S.A hace 15 años, con barrotes 2x4 y las paredes totalmente aisladas, con estuco por afuera y yeso por dentro. Hay también, un cuarto de lavado afuera y dos calentones de agua.

Así, la propiedad cuenta con suficiente espacio para estacionar cuatro carros manteniéndolos seguros porque esta cercado. Se encuentra ubicada en una zona segura, ya que regularmente los vecinos están en sus hogares y crean un ambiente de confianza para que los niños salgan a jugar y los vecinos puedan convivir con gran tranquilidad.

Puede encontrar otras casas de este tipo en una zona así pero no a este precio. ¡Estás listo para vivir en ella a tan sólo $175,000.00 dlls.

Llámame para citarte y mostrarte todas las propiedades de Baja.

Property information

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Single Story For Sale in Rosarito Beach

Cerca del palacio municipal

• 130 sq. m., 3 bath, 3 bdrm single story "Hecho de Material" - MLS®$2,362,500 MXN - Tipo de cambio de 13 x 1

 -  Esta casa se coloca en la Colonia Articulo 27, oriental de la caraterra cuota en el centro de la ciudad Rosarito. Compras, escuelas, los restaurantes, vida nocturna y servicios, todo son dentro de la distancia ambulante de esta casa y a un lado del palacio municipal.

El lote tiene 1035 metros cuadrado con la casa principal de 120 metros cuadrado. La casa principal consiste de una área viviente espaciosa que ofrece un techo de la viga abierta, una chiminea de ladrillo, y un sentido airoso y abierto. Hay tres recamaras grandes y dos banos en la casa principal.

Fuera de la casa principal, hay otra casa estudio con cocina y bano de 60 metros cuadrado separado que puede rentar o usar para visitantes. Hay otro taller/cochera de 60 metros en el lote. La entrada de autos tiene bastante espacio para estacionarse seis carros y la propiedad es completamente cerrado con un muro de bloc.

Aunque el área externa es casi pura tierra, hay unas areas de jardines en el patio. Construieron la casa hace 15 año de ladrillo con todos los servicios publicos y la calle tiene pavemiento de cemento. La casa tiene un cuarto del lavado y dos calentones de agua para evitar acabando el agua caliente.

Porque ésta es una colonia establecida, la mayoría de las casas en el área son ocupados con los duenos qué crea un ambiente más seguro. Ve los niños corriendo alrededor y los vecinos placticando y cuidando el area. Porque atras de la casa tiene el Palacio Municipal, puede poner un negocio comercial con buena vista y clientes diarios que entra y salga el palacio.

Puede encontrar otras casas de este calibre en el área pero ningunos de este valor. El lote solo vale mas de 1,500,000 y cuando agrega la construccion y la potencial de ingresos de un negocio, el precio de $2,365,000 es un buen valor. Llame para fijar una cita para ver todos que es Baja!

Property information

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Single Story For Sale in Seccion Jardines

Condo frente al mar

• 100 sq. m., 2 bath, 2 bdrm single story "en la planta baja" - MLS®$1,700,000 MXN - tipo de cambio de 13 x 1

 -  ¿Si buscas un condo en Playas Tijuana ubicado frente al mar y es un buen valor? Este condo es de dos recamaras y dos banos frente de la playa arenosa y tres cuadras al sur del Parque de Mexico adornado con palmas en Seccion Jardines, Playas de Tijuana.

El condo tiene vistas panoramica del oceano en cada cuarto y es ubicado en la Avenida Pacifico Norte in una zona residencial pacifica. El condo tiene estacionamiento para un coche y seguridad de 24 horas. Hay jardines frente al mar para las carne asadas, una alberca, concha de voly y aceso a la playa. Cerca de los condos son las áreas comercial de playas con los restaurantes, clubes nocturnos, servicios, compras y oficinas.

Puede ud selecionar entre 4 condos en venta. Hay un condo ofrecido en el precio especial de $1,300,000 pesos. Otros puedes financiar el propiatario por 10 anos.

Me llamas para fijar cita a ver el condo, ya estan listos!

Property information

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2 Story For Sale in Terrazas del Mar

Vista al mar
bajo construccion

• 300 sq. m., 3 bath, 3 bdrm 2 story - $1,950,000 MXN - tipo de cambio de 13 x 1

 -  Casa bajo construccion casi completo ubicado en el fraccionamiento de Terrazas del Mar.

227 metros de terreno
300 metros de construccion
Falta los detallitos para terminar la casa
Tiene vistas del mar
Hay todos los servicios publicos
Precio bajo el valor del terreno y materiales
Haga una oferta!

Property information

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2 Story For Sale in Seccion Jardines

Cerca de la playa

• 200 sq. m., 3 bath, 3 bdrm 2 story "contemporario" - MLS®$1,995,000 MXN - Tipo de cambio de 13 x 1

 -  Sólo una cuadra de las playas arenosas y bonitas de Playas de Tijuana, esta casa playera tiene buen valor. Esta casa rodeada por un muro de bloc, el cual aumenta la seguridad en este barrio seguro .

Un barrio tranquilo no es todo lo que tiene que ofrecer esta casa, a su alrededor se encuentra toda diversión y acción que tiene que ofrecer Playas de Tijuana. Atracciones como restaurantes, clubs, centros comerciales, cines, escuelas, hospitales y la “Plaza de Toros Monumental”. A una cuadra de la casa se encuentra el "Malecon" que corre a un lado de la playa donde se puede andar en bicicleta, patinar, correr o simplemente pasear.

La casa esta construida en un lote grande con espacio amplio en los patios para disfrutar de una carne asada con la familia y amigos. Esta casa es de dos plantas, sus espacios son amplios, acondicionados y con buena vista al exterior. Cuenta con tres recamaras, una cocina con linea blanca, despensa grande con cuarto de lavar y dos banos y medio. Tiene varias ventanas que permiten el paso de la luz natural y la brisa del océano fresco entra por medio del patio atras. En los balcones de las recamaras puedes observar el océano y a los ninos cuando juegan en el patio. La casa esta completamente cubierta de lozeta por dentro y por fuera para una limpieza rápida después de haber visitado la playa.

La casa esta ubicada a tan solo 10 minutos de la frontera facilitando la visita a San Diego. Tambien puedes disfrutar de la Ciudad Tijuana con todo lo que tiene que ofrecer.

Actualmente Playas de Tijuana esta bajo un proyecto de construccion de una nueva entrada y salida en la parte sur para mejorar la circulacion de los vehiculos. De tal manera, esta comunidad bajo actualizacion estara aumentando el valor de sus propiedades.

No pierda la oportunidad de conocer esta casa playera atractiva. ¡Llámeme y permítame mostrarlo todo lo que es Baja!

Property information

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Lot / Land For Sale in Seccion Costa Azul

Lots so playas (3)
frente al mar por lo mejor precio

• 800 sq. m. lot / land - MLS®$2,146,500 MXN - Tipo de cambio de 13 x 1

 -  Ok, estas buscando un lote especial para construir la casa de tus sueños pero todos parecen demasiado caro. Bueno, ¿Has pensado vivir en Baja?

Compruébelo, aquí esta un lote de 800 metros que esta frente al mar con playa arenosa. Puedes imaginar llegando a la casa después de un día duro trabajando, descansando en el patio frente al mar con una Margarita helada en la mano?!? Andele!!

Este lote se ubica hacia el extremo sur de Playas de Tijuana en la Seccion Costa Azul. Esta área soñolienta que se ha olvidado típicamente porque esta hacia el fin del camino de playas. Va a ver un estampido pronto en los valores por medio de la construcción del nuevo camino de Tijuana que va a entrar a playas por la parte sur que esta en obras ahora mismo. Cuando abre la nueva entrada, hará este área más deseable y los valores de propiedad subirán.

Playas es el area chic de Tijuana sólo 10 minutos de la frontera y es apartado de TJ por las colinas oriental. Hay de servicios de compras, hospitales, cines, centro cultural, presencia de policíaca, una abundancia de restaurantes y muchas escuelas buenas. El Ayuntamiento de TJ ha anunciado una inversión mayor para la remodelacion y desarrollamiento de las áreas al lado de la playa para atraer más turismo y el viviendo chic.

Aunque Playas es una comunidad establecida en Tijuana, está pasando por un actualizacion del área playera comercial y junto con agregando el nuevo camino para tener el acceso a Playas, es una comunidad en el movimiento. Con estos mejoramientos, los valores en el área van a subir.

Para el inversionista inteligente, esta es una oportunidad de comprar un lote en la playa selecta por el precio más bajo por metro en la costa. No tome mi palabra, compruebe los precios, éste es lo mejor. ¡Venga y vea todo lo que es Baja!

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2 Story For Sale in Brisas del Mar

Brisas del Mar
Nueva con garantia y financiamiento

• 180 sq. m., 3 bath, 3 bdrm 2 story "Con terraza" - MLS®$2,396,250 MXN - Tipo de cambio de 13 x 1

 -  ¿Está buscando un lugar perfecto para escapar y disfrutar de una Vista fenomenal del Mar y el puesto del sol desde su terraza? Bien en ese caso, la comunidad bien planeada de Brisas del Mar podría ser lo que está buscando. Se localiza en el desarrollo de Brisas en la Costa en la Autopista Ecenica a sólo 20 minutos sur de la frontera y 10 minutos norte de Rosarito. Es bastante cerca que puede trabajar en San Diego y vivir el tiempo completo aquí.

Brisas del Mar es en una área creciente, cuenta con nuevos restaurants y tienditas express, hoteles y vida nocturna. A solo 5 minutos del Campo de Golf de Real del Mar y The Residence está planeando en abrir este verano lejos sólo un paseo corto.

Brisas del Mar ofrece una Casa Club con alberca para la comunidad con seguridad de guardia en cada calle, así como, en la entrada principal. Hay espacio suficiente con terraza grande para sus Carnes Asadas y disfrutando de una vista fenomenal del Mar del 0céano con las Islas de Coronado delante.

¡Esta condominio es de tres recamaras con 2.5 baños es el modelo de tres recamaras más grandes planean con todas las actualizaciones disponibles! sus cabinetes son de madera con acabados bonitos, en la cocina cuenta con lavaplatos de acero inoxidable y granito, hay espejos en todos los baños y los fregaderos dobles en el baño de la recamara principal. Hay pasa manos de madera en las escaleras, el cuarto familiar a la cima de las escaleras y un cuarto extra atras de la cocina que puede usarse como una cuarta recamara en la planta baja.

¡Hay estacionamiento para un auto en la cochera y espacio afuera para estacionar otros dos. Porque se localiza al fin de la calle en el lado norte de la primera etapa, el lote es más grande con el patio más amplio y vistas del océano en todos sus plantas

¡Con todo el espacio viviente interior, el patio amplio y con vistas de casi cada cuarto, esta casa excepcional de Brisas del Mar ya está lista.

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2 Story For Sale in Reforma

Front door
Diamante en el aspero

• 250 sq. m., 4 bath, 4 bdrm 2 story "Seguro y amplio" - MLS®$2,437,500 MXN - Tipo de Cambio 12.5 x 1

 -  Esta casa de 4 recamaras con 3 baños completos ubicadó en la Colonia Reforma falta unos detalles finales de ser una casa completada. Cerca del pueblo, la autopista, la carratera libre y una media milla de la playa, esta casa en la Colonia Reforma se ubica al extremo norte de Rosarito cerca del nuevo condominios Las Olas Mar y Sol.

Hay tres recamaras en el primer suelo, uno con un baño completo, todas las recamaras de abajo tienen rejas en las ventanas y hay un sistema de alarma electrónica para la seguridad. La sala, comedor y cocina tienen el espacios amplios y la cocina tiene una estufa de gas, microonda, lavaplatos y refrigerador. ¿Oh, yo le dije de la cochera de tres coches con armarios del almacenamiento?

Upstairs, there is a playroom/guest room, a home theater room for the movie buffs with curtains on the sides for good acoustics. La recamara pricipal tiene loceta Italiana porcelina con calefacion radiante para poder caminar en un suelo caluroso durante la temporada fría. Hay también una tina de la terapia al lado del baño principal. Las puertas de cristal corredizas abren la recamara para permitir la brisa del océano fresca entra durante esos días de verano calientes.

La colonia Reforma tiene varios escuelas públicas y privadas del jardín de infantes a la escuela secundaria y preparatoria tambien hay hospitales cerca y tiendas de compras de la comida a las ferreterías dentro de una distancia ambulante corta. Cerca hay una playa arenosa, ancha y limpia.

El barrio está quieto, limpio, las calles pavimentadas y totalmente urbanizó con todos los servicios publicos. La casa tiene una pila para el almacenamiento de agua extra y un sistema séptico sólo en caso de que hay cualquier problema con los servicios públicos. La casa de 250 sq mtr ubica en un lote de 430 sq mtr y hay otro lote de 210 sq mtr balido adicional disponible en la parte de atrás de la casa. Este lote no es incluido en el precio de la casa pero está en venta

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