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Playas De Baja Real Estate

  • Owner Financing for Ocean Homes and Condos

    LOW down payment. NO banks. NO pressure.
    Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate- that is the name of the game!  Each one of the homes listed on our website have sellers looking for something specific, some want all cash for their home, some want half down and other want 20-30% down.  Each seller has their conditions, and we can help you sort through these conditions so that both parties get what they are looking for in the Baja Real Estate market with the security of proper contracts!
    Real estate in Rosarito is very negotiable right now- depending on the seller, that is.  However, we have found that many sellers will "carry paper" for you. What this means is that the seller will, basically, be the bank for you.  
    We all know it takes time to negotiate and in Baja, as well as Mexico in general, bank loans are hard to come by these days.  Many sellers in this market don't have time, or just want to sell their home already! (sound familiar to the U.S.?)  Seller know there are few buyers out there with $300,000 or even only $100,000 cash just sitting around these days, so with the help of their realtors (David and myself [Kim] of course) we are able to negotiate terms, payments and interest rates direct with the seller.  Is there risk?  Yes and no on both parts.  That is why you have David and I to help you out with solidifying a Contract to Purchase or set up a Bank Trust with Guarantee which will protect both parties!  You get your home by the ocean; the seller gets to sell his home on terms carefully negotiated to ensure security on both ends!  Sounds pretty great, huh?!
    So, what are you waiting for? This is the opportunity for everyone with a little cash and income to make payments WITHOUT A BANK!  But, remember compromising is the keyto unlocking the doors to your new and affordable ocean home or condo in along the Gold Coast of Baja California, Mexico!

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  • 2 Oceanfront Condos- Baja Real Estate- $55,000 and $65,000

    2 Oceanfront CondosUNDER $75,000?!
     $65,000 pemex condo, rosarito, baja california  pemex condo 55k

    The majority of the condos in this development are owner occupied and live full time. It has a friendly, family environment with kids running around outside and neighbors talking on the sidewalks. There is a little grocery store on site, basket ball courts and security service to maintain a safe development. Where else can you go to get an oceanfront place for under $100,000?!?
    • 1100 sq. feet of living space
    • 3 bedroom
    • 2 bath
    • Walk to the beach...about 2 minutes....if that!