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Baby Boomers Retire to Mexico For A Better Health Care Experience

Baby Boomers Retire to Mexico For A Better Health Care Experience By Kim Wherley
Sep 15, 2010 12:44 PM • Topic: Health • Issue: 2010-09
Affordable health care with a pleasant experience... Does such a thing exist? Yes! In Mexico, many retirees are sitting back and soaking up all the attention at the Doctor’s office. With bed-side manors still a trend, many dentists, general practitioners and specialists offer a warm smile; informative, direct communication and a sincere answer to all your questions. In addition, many of these doctors still do house-calls for a small additional fee. To top it all off, many health professionals in Mexico are English speaking and can offer alternative,but proven, methods of care that the average U.S. patient cannot gain access to.
“What kind of V.I.P. pass does one need to acquire for this kind of quality service?”, you ask. The answer is, “There’s no V.I.P. pass needed!” Anyone can enjoy the plush services of the health care industry in Mexico!
Very few people know that many doctors and dentists have received training not only in Mexico, but also in in the U.S. and/or Europe, making them world-class leaders in their field of medicine. In addition many clinics and hospitals offer some of the most progressive medicines, treatments and surgeries at the highest- quality standards. Mexico can offer both affordable healthcare, as well as alternative medicines and treatments that are not approved in the U.S., but have proven to repair some of the most prominent issues in the average retiree body,successfully. Hip and knee replacement surgeries, alternative, non invasive him and knee repair, as well as access to anti-aging, heart and eye specialists has put Mexico on the map of “health care giants” for the Boomer generation.
It is estimated that the average cost of healthcare in Mexico is between 50% and 70% cheaper compared to the U.S. . World-class surgeons, clinics, dentists, hospitals, even in-home care and anything else related to health care is less expensive and more accessible than in the U.S. . Many can argue that Canada offers comparable or better health care, however prescription drugs and out-of-pocket expenses are much less in Mexico.
Can you get health insurance in Mexico?
The answer is, YES. Anyone can get health insurance in Mexico for a very affordable price! The average price is one third or even less for full health care coverage for a family. In addition, many insurance companies are beginning to expand their coverage to Mexico, or
are teaming up with other companies already based in Mexico. In locations like Tijuana, Baja California, the Medical / Health Tourism industry has been in service for years with it’s many visitors from the Southern California areas. With this constant flow of traffic from California, this area has several health insurance companies that focus on providing health insurance for foreigners. Tijuana also attracts patients from all over the U.S. and the world with it’s close proximity to the San Diego airport about 20 minutes drive North. For many U.S. citizens, flying to San Diego and driving down for an appointment or treatment eliminates the headache of flying internationally.With the current economical conditions world-wide, many retirees are seeking a secret getaway with perfect weather, an affordable and comfortable lifestyle and, most importantly, affordable, high-quality health care. The simple fact of the matter is that Mexico has all the answers to the Baby Boomer’s everyday wants and needs. As more retirees decide on their next destination, Mexico will be there, ready to offer it’s warm weather, welcoming culture and affordable lifestyle to all who seek the good life. Saludos!

Written for Frontier Doctors Magazine:



Published Friday, October 15, 2010 11:50 AM by David Holt


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