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FAQs about Our Rentals


We at Playas de Baja are specialist in comfortable accommodations for visitors of Baja California. Whether for a fun weekend get away or traveling for medical or dental purposesour oceanfront and ocean view homes and condos for rent are located in the beautiful, upscale beach community of Playas de Tijuana and the tranquil, beautiful beach town of Rosarito. 


What we provide with your vacation rental:

  • Wireless High Speed Internet 
  • Direct / Dish or Cable TV
  • Clean, comfortable furnishings 
  • Complete kitchen and laundry room 
  • Space Heater   (2 gas tanks are provided with rental. Any

           aditional gas needed will be charged to tenants) 

           ( No electric heaters are allowed)

  • Arrival day drive around town and shopping trip for groceries! 
We also have the following services at an additional price: 
  • Meal preparation
  • Massage service
  • Health and nutrition counseling
  • House cleaning service
  • Private or group transportation in Mexico and USA

When is Check-in and Check-out?

We are very laid-back about your check-in and check-out.  After all, this is YOUR vacation.  We will be happy to work with you on your time frames for coming and going as long as it does not interfere with the next renter coming into the home.  So, relax- you are on vacation time now!

How do I reserve a home or condo?

Making a reservation is simple!  We require the deposit amount to hold the home for you.

You can send us the deposit via:

  • Check (if 2 weeks or more from check-in)
  • Cashiers check
  • Direct Deposit
  • PayPal*

*Nominal convenience charges may apply depending on method of payment and will be added to your invoice at check-in. Don't worry we'll let you know what those charges are before your arrival.

When is the rest of the balance due?

The remaining balance of your rental will be due in CASH ONLY at the time of check-in.

What is the cancellation policy?

If canceling prior to your vacation, you must notify us within 48 hours or more of your check-in date.  Cancellation will result in 50% of 1 nights stay for administration expenses and loss of the rental date however, should we find a renter to replace your stay, we will refund 90%.

If canceling in less than 48 hours to your check-in date there is a two night cancellation fee.  The balance of the rental money, less the two night cancellation fee will be returned.  Please note that for 1 month rentals or more the pro-rated nightly rate (based on a monthly stay) only applies if you stay for 1 full month.  If cancellation of a one month rental occurs prior to the expiration of the month’s time, weekly rates apply for the time occupied.  Should you stay for more than one month and have fulfilled 1 month of your stay, we will pro-rate the 2 night cancellation charge to reflect the nightly rate based on a monthly rental.



FAQs about Medical Tourism


Medical tourism is when patients choose to travel to another country to acquire more affordable, quality health and dental care.  A rapidly advancing industry, although not new by any means, medical tourism is the solution to dental and health challenges that many patients face, worldwide.  There is an array of terms used for this industry: global healthcare, heath travel, medical travel, cross-border healthcare, heath care abroad and medical vacations just to name a few.  Currently, India, Thailand and Malaysia are of the most popular destinations within this industry. 


In Europe many will cross borders to enjoy the benefits of alternative and less expensive health and dental care offered by their neighboring country.  However, few people know that Mexico has fantastic health and dental care for a fraction of the price and without the long and expensive international flights! 


Why travel to Mexico for dental and health care?  The answers are simple: Cost of care, quality of care, proven alternative medical and dental treatments not available in the U.S. and proximity to the United States and Canada.


The cost of dental and health care can be as low as 30% of the price for a treatment in Mexico compared to prices in the United States.  Patients can also take advantage of the affordable accommodations including hotels, resorts, vacation homes, RV parks and more.  In addition, Mexico offers amazing cuisine, fresh organic fruits and vegetables and if by the ocean will offer a whole slew of freshly caught seafood daily at a fraction of U.S. prices.


The dental and health care offered to patients in Mexico is of the highest quality.  The service and “bedside manners” provided by the physicians, nurses and staff are above expectations providing a plesant experience.  House calls 24 hrs a day still happen and a long conversation with your Doctor is not out of the question.   


Mexico, like many other countries involved in medical tourism, is a destination for many progressive, alternative treatments and integrative procedures.  Doctors are able to customize treatments and procedures to each patient.  For example, in Tijuana on the Baja California Penninsula (about 20 minutes south of San Diego) there are many excellent doctors that have extended the lifespan, increased the quality of life and in some cases cured the terminally ill using holistic, alternative and integrative approaches. 


Surgeries, whether cosmetic, orthopedic, cardiac, optical, dental and more, are performed at world-class standards.   There are excellent, high-quality hospitals and clinics within  metropolitan Tijuana, as well as, a number of great private clinics and hospitals just down the road in the beautiful beach towns of Rosarito and Ensenada.  Many physicians, surgeons, nurses, dentists, etc. are bi-lingual and have studied and trained in the United States and Europe.  In many cases, Mexico will have access to new technologies and are able to perform proven, safe, extensively researched procedures years before the U.S. introduces these same procedures to the public.


And finally, Mexico’s convenient location to the U.S. and Canada allows for less expensive travel than locations in India, Thailand and Malaysia.  If flying to receive treatment in Tijuana, there is no need for international flights as patients fly into San Diego and travel just 20 minutes south to the border making travel time significantly less.


Now, wait a minute… you mean to tell me that one can travel to Mexico to get high-quality, affordable health and dental care, as well as, take a vacation AND it costs less than the procedure alone in the U.S.?  Yes, that’s right!  Mexico has the answer to the increasing economic and medical needs for the average U.S. citizen.  With its easy access, gorgeous scenery, caring medical and dental professionals, Mexico offers hope and solutions to patients worldwide. 



How much can I save by obtaining medical or dental services in Mexico? 


Cross-border health care in Baja California offers an affordable and convenient way to keep yourself healthy and happy! It is estimated the average cost of healthcare in Mexico is between 30% to 70% less expensive than in the U.S.  Dental work in Baja is a favorite of Southern Californians with many modern facilities and qualified dentist to choose from.  With Tijuana only a 20 minute drive from the San Diego Airport, medical travelers can cut their costs for air fare, medical and dental procedures and enjoy the quality care provided by our friendly bi-lingual team in our rentals.   Enjoy our beautiful, oceanfront and ocean view medical rentals and take a healthy vacation today!  




FAQs about Real Estate in Mexico

Quick article on Owner Financing:


There has been an increase in financing available for the purchase of a home in Mexico.  For those interested in financing, with a down payment of  25% of the appraised value, there are  loans available for clients with good credit.     
There are peso loans through a Mexican banks for Mexican Nationals and foreigners with permanent immigration status.  There are also dollar loans through certain banks in the USA or, at times, owner financing  can be made to work.  Some of the homes listed on our website have motivated sellers and banks willing to loan on real estate.  Each seller is unique and has their conditions.  It is our job to find out those conditions so both parties get what they are looking for in Baja Real Estate!

The dollar loans with US banks offer 6.5% interest loans with good credit and high down payments.  Mexican banks have brought their interest rates down from the teens to about 8.5 percent.for their peso loans and certain owners will finance the purchase of their home to qualified buyers and will be flexible on the rates and terms of the loan.

We all know bank loans have been hard to come by until recently and there are few buyers out there with hundreds of thousands in cash  sitting around these days.  With the help of their realtors, buyers are able to negotiate terms, payments and interest rates direct with the seller and with the banks.  Is there risk?  With a Contract to Purchase which  protects both parties, a building inspection and financial disclosure to prove being capable to purchase, the risk is minimum.
Mexican Law states foreigners can own property in Mexico through a bank trust in the restricted zones.
Yes, those interested in living at the beach can negotiate their way into that dream property with financing.